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Are you in the Boston, MA area? Are you going to be? Here are some things to do!

By the way, don't plan on parking while you're there. All the spaces are taken. Thanks anyway.

I have to admit I don't update this page much anymore since I moved away from Boston, but the info that is here is still good!

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Having trouble understanding the locals? Don't worry, it's easy! Use The Wicked Good Guide to Boston English.

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Looking for live music in the New England/Massachusetts area? Here is a good place to start! has music news and concert listings for a lot of venues in New England. They can give you concert schedules and venue information, and link you to either NEXT (New England Xpress Tickets) or Ticketmaster, whichever sells tickets for the venue.

Here's a partial list of venues. There are the bigger ones:

And also a lot of auditoriums and clubs including

Also, during the summer there are concerts and movies at the Hatch Shell in Boston, and a lot of them are free!

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For another kind of live music, go to see the Boston Pops, or the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

There's also the Boston Ballet. They are a wonderful ballet company.

On a different note, here's the home for the Red Sox. Hey, there's always hope!

New England PatriotsHere is the official web page for the New England Patriots. Congratulations 2004 Pats!!

The Museum of Science is a neat place. This will tell you what's going on there, directions, etc. This is one of the few places that does have parking!

Here are all sorts of other things to do in Boston. This includes museums, restaurants, real estate listings, jobs, and more.

Here's a couple of radio stations to check out.
For music, WBOS, 92.9 FM.
For news, weather and traffic reports, there's WBZ Newsradio, AM 1030.
Here are transcripts from my favorite "audio columnist" from WBZ, Gary LaPierre.

Here's the home page for the Public TV station, WGBH. How many people can still sing their address, from watching ZOOM?

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Last updated June 12, 2004

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