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This page (or one of the sub-pages) last updated September 12, 2009.

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Update to the home page - 9/12/09

Updates and new info on the music page - 1/30/04

A lot of updates and a bunch of new links on the music page - 6/12/04

Couple of new and updated links on the TV and Movies page - 6/12/04

New link on the humor page, and updated all the outdated links on that page (it had been exactly a year since I touched it; guess it was time!) - 5/14/04

STYX on tour now...These pages have become a bit static lately, as you may have noticed. That's because kathieland has been overrun by Styxworld! Don't worry, it was a friendly takeover. If that's what you came here to find, my Styx Traveler site is updated regularly.

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