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bouncyThis page is about some of my musical interests that might be interesting to others. At the very least maybe it will be interesting to wonder what sort of crazy person would like all these different kinds of music! Also links to places to see concerts in New England.

STYXUpdate!   Styx is out on tour! They have a more high-energy show than ever, which is saying something. Their show in Reno, NV on September 22nd, 2001 was the best show I've ever seen, no exceptions - several others (most recently, at Penn's Peak on February 20, 2004) come very close to tying for the #1 position though! For my Styx site, with concert experiences and photos, information and some silliness, click the Styx logo above to go to my own Styx Traveler site!

The official Styx web site is Styxworld. In terms of band participation, this site is one of the best. Tommy Shaw posts notes from time to time with news, thoughts, and current STYX goings on, as well as tons of his own photos and videos from the road. Another great place for Styx information is StyxNet - after a short hiatus, Styxnet is back!  Styx is: James Young (JY), Tommy Shaw, Todd Sucherman, Lawrence Gowan, and Ricky Phillips (the "new guy!") with Chuck Panozzo joining in for a few songs on some concert dates! Click the names to see individual web sites for the band members.

Update!Glen Burtnik, whose music I came to know through his time in Styx, is back doing his own thing now, and released an amazing new solo album in June 2004, Welcome to Hollywood.

Update!Here is the new official page for Nik Kershaw. He has just released a new CD, Then and Now, in June 2005, containing songs from his career and four new songs (not three, no matter what the front cover says). 

For the spring and early summer of 2004, Styx was on tour with Peter Frampton and Nelson. Peter Frampton's new album, Now, is a nicely done combination of hard edged rock songs and softer music. His live show is a lot of fun, and he and his band seem to have a great time too! Nelson are playing as an acoustic duo on this tour, and sound fantastic. Their latest album is Like Father, Like Sons, a tribute to their father, Ricky Nelson, and his music.

Some other folks I've seen, that you should check out if you possibly can:

Spiraling. What took me so long to get this link on here? Spectacular band with intelligent and mesmerizing music.

Ricky Bell. I saw him solo, not with his band, but he was amazing!

Michael Kelsey. "Progressive aggressive acoustic guitar." I couldn't say it any better. He is a knockout talent, and the 2004 Guitarmageddon champion!

Diamondback. Incredible hard rock band. Great covers, and their original music rocks too.

John Hiatt. Both times I've seen him, it's been just him and his guitar on stage. But he makes it sound like there have to be more musicians hiding somewhere.

Joe D'Urso. Another one that I've only seen solo, not with his band. Why is it when I go to see people, they seem to leave their bands at home? Great musician and a brilliant songwriter.

The past few years, I've gone to Glen Burtnik's annual Xmas Xtravaganza shows in New York City. Here are some links to some musicians and bands who participated in those shows. B.B. and the Stingers, led by amazing guitarist Bernie Brausewetter, and the Crown Jewels, led by Steve and John Conte. So many other artists were there too, I'll never remember all the names, so check out the Xmas Xtravaganza site for more information.

If you like Basia, or are interested in a Polish girl singing Samba-style music, here's a very comprehensive and nicely done page devoted to her! She is currently back with Matt Bianco (that's a band, not a person) and they are going to be touring in 2005! 

The official site for Rick Springfield will tell you all about Rick's latest album, Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance, tour dates, bio, pics - all sorts of information! Another good site is, which is now the home of the official fan club!

Check out The Bacon Brothers! Kevin and Michael Bacon have released their third CD, Can't Complain. They also have a new live CD and DVD. They have a great sound!

This is The Official Chris DeBurgh Home Page, a very nice and very thorough site for Chris DeBurgh fans. Lots of photos and information, past and current! He has a new album, The Road to Freedom, released in 2004.

I have to include a link for REO Speedwagon! Let's fix that! They have a great show and I have a lot of pictures and reviews on my Styx pages from their shows with Styx. Here are some pictures from their show at Foxwoods casino in Connecticut in May 2002.

Styx went on a 40-city tour with Joe Stark, Billy Squier and Bad Company in 2001. Joe Stark is an up and coming blues rock guitarist who is an awesome talent. Billy Squier and Bad Company are names you should know already - if not, check out their sites! I also have some pictures of them on my Styx pages.

The official Cheap Trick page is pretty cool! Lots of input from the band members. The band released a live CD called "Silver" in 2001 and are on tour, as always, currently with Aerosmith! I saw them in Somerville, MA in April 2003. They have a great show! Also here's a Cheap Trick Lyric Page of my own.

Here's a great home page for Eric Carmen. This page has all the news and everything else you can think of about Eric. For more information, check out The Official Raspberries Web Site.

This is the official site for Sam Harris, a great singer and Broadway performer! He released a new solo album in 2002 called Always.

Pretty cool official site for Weird Al Yankovic! This is another site that is great as far as artist participation. His latest album, Poodle Hat, was released in 2003.

This is the official site for The Artist Formerly Known As Todd Rundgren, also called Patronet. (The site is called Patronet, not Todd.) It is revolutionary - he releases his new work directly through the internet instead of recording for a big record company and relying on their marketing, etc. Even if you're not interested in Todd, or I guess I should really say "TR-i", take a look, it is a brave new concept.

What do you know about Drum Corps International? Nothing? Where have you been? Go look. They are precision marching corps of drums, brass instruments and visual performers (flags, rifles, etc.) and you have to see and hear them to appreciate them.

Looking for live music?

Here are a few sites that give tour dates nationwide -, Pollstar, SFX, and of course Ticketmaster. Sometimes the listings are not complete - if the site you are looking at doesn't sell tickets for a particular venue, sometimes shows at that venue will not be listed!

For the New England area, here's some more detailed information! A good place to start is for music news and concert listings for a lot of venues in New England. They can give you concert schedules and venue information, and link you to either NEXT (New England Xpress Tickets) or Ticketmaster, whichever sells tickets for the venue.

Here's a partial list of New England venues. There are the medium-to-big ones:


New Hampshire


Rhode Island


And also some auditoriums and clubs in Massachusetts including

Also, during the summer there are concerts and movies at the Hatch Shell in Boston, and a lot of them are free!

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