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This page includes home pages of people and places I know, some people I don't know, and some ways to find people you know!

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First the family and friends section! This is my sister's page - Tayloire's Tidbits. Links to travel information, medical information, movies, TV, lots of fun stuff!

My cousin Susan has put together a nice page for her family - take a look!

Okay, so she's not a person, but pretty close! Here is my cat Tasha's page.

From a friend of mine, this is her Boyle Family home page with a lot of photos and web things to keep you interested!

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Pretty nice home page for D. Sklyar. Includes jokes, art (Dali, Escher) and photos - some cool stuff!

Here it is, Hurricane Watch - the official website of heavyweight boxer Peter McNeeley! Very nicely done page with photos and the latest news about Pete's career!

Stephen King's official site. Nicely done, dispels some rumors and gives a lot of information.

Here's a fun people finder - the ClassMates page. Register with them and they can help find email addresses of old high school friends.

Another site that will try to find old school friends for you is

I was born and raised in Lynchburg, Virginia and they're online... though they didn't mention me on their page. I'm sure they'll be updating it soon.

Speaking of Lynchburg, if you're going to be visiting soon (and if you're not, please write me and explain why) then here is a page of  Little-Known Attractions of  Lynchburg and Central Virginia. Maybe you had to be there, but they're hysterical!

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Last updated May 15, 2003

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