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Some eclectic television and movie links for you to try!

Not many current shows on my page - I guess I don't watch that much TV!

One current show I do watch is Survivor.

If you are interested in Reality TV, check out recaps of a lot of the shows on Television Without Pity and  Reality News Online. Sometimes reading the recaps is better than watching the show!

The Bugaloos?? Anyone else remember this show? I was IQ for Halloween one year! Terrific website with photos and tons of information.

Are you extremely upset that Captain Kirk was killed off in Star Trek - Generations? Well these folks are - check out the Bring Back Kirk website.

TV Guide Online can show you your local cable or satellite TV listings.

Check out The Q Continuum's main archive. It has reviews of Star Trek shows involving the Q, top ten pick-up lines of the Q and more!

Some other Television links:
Mad About You 
The Prisoner Home Page

Cheers Home Page
Highly Illogical (Star Trek fans check this out)


Let's get educational!

This is the web page for C-SPAN, the cable channels that show the Senate and House of Representatives, in addition to other informative programming. This summer they are doing a fairly in-depth program on each of the US presidents, one per week.

For news that doesn't try to be cute, here's the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer from PBS.

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And now to the big screen:

Trying to remember the name of a movie, an actor, or a quote? Try the Internet Movie Database - it has tons of information!

This is the official Star Wars site. 

The Movie Cliche Page. Villains can never shoot straight - heroes on the other hand can always shoot 10 rounds out of a six-round revolver. Many more fun cliches on this page!

A similar page is The Nitpickers Site - these are specific to individual movies!

Here's a place for general movie info and news on new movies. It's the page.

Ever use the moviefone phone number for movie listings? They're online too!

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