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FYI - check the date this page was last updated and keep that in mind. This is no longer a page with tips on the web. It is a time capsule.


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Here are some places to point you in the right direction on The Web!

(Of course that's only my opinion of the right direction. Isn't that what you came for?)

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Click on one of the words below to go to a section of this page. The Coding and Images sections will help you if you are creating your own web page. The Web Information section is general web information that will be helpful if you're a webmaster, or just surfing! The Computer Information section has tips on computers and applications, not necessarily web related.

Coding | Images, Sounds and Effects
  Web Information
Computer Information

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There are a lot of tools these days to write web pages for you. Programs that do your coding for you are great tools, but you'll be able to use them better if you still learn at least some HTML. You need to know what the tools are doing for you so you can fix the finer details!

If you have an opportunity to set up a home page and don't know how to start, try reading A Beginner's Guide to HTML. It's a great starting point!

This is a very extensive site about HTML, Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi. Lots of reference material about HTML tags, and terrific ability to search for exactly what you want to know!

And here are the Ten Commandments of HTML. Do unto your web page surfers as you would have them do unto you. This is humorous but also serious. If you follow these rules your web pages will be so much better!

Getting serious about wanting your amateur web page to be the best it can be? Validate your code. Browsers will overlook a LOT of coding errors, but every time a browser has to clean up for you, your page takes a little longer to load. "The Kinder, Gentler Validator (KGV)" that I used to use has evolved into the W3C validation service. It's the easiest to use that I've found. You do need to know a little about programming logic for it to be useful, but not a lot about rocket science.

This page has some great "tricks" to try. It's called HTML Goodies, and they have some neat things, including public domain Java scripts.

Here are a couple of services to use to get a counter on your page - use FastCounter or The Ultimate Counter. They're both simple and free.

If you already have a counter set up and just want some counter art, take a look at The Museum of Counter Art for lots of choices!

How about a guestbook, so people can leave messages for you when they visit your page? Bravenet is one service that will host a guestbook for you for free.

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Images, Sounds and Effects

These are the things that make people's web pages take forever to load, so be creative but use them sparingly! Sometimes you can't help it because you just have to have that 750k picture on your page. At least warn your surfers at the top of the page that the page will take a long time to load, and for goodness' sake, learn to use HEIGHT, WIDTH and ALT so people will be able to look at the text on your page while waiting for those wonderful pictures. Web pages also have cool things like movies, animations and effects. There are some on this page. This page has - yes - too many! Get the picture? By the way, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to find the control to stop the sound.

There are a lot of places to get free effects, graphics and sounds. Here are just a few:

Java City 2000 is a place to find help with Java Applets, Java Scripts, DHTML info and more!

These are web pages by Paul Bourke. I found them by looking at the background textures, but there are fractals, stereographics, polyhedra, and lots of other things I have no idea what they are but they look pretty cool!

Did you see the stars at the top of the page when you got here? Scroll to the top and reload to see them again. They will leave you alone after approximately 20 seconds. They are created by a free javascript from Dynamic Drive, where you can get a lot of cool javascripts and DHMTL code. Just don't overdo it!

Flaming Text has a lot of great stuff! Clip art, graphics, fonts, buttons, wallpaper - you name it!

Digital Blasphemy has some very cool wallpapers, screen savers, and startup screens - mostly things for your own computer and not for the web, but some 3D art too.

This one, Icons, Images and Graphics, not only has clip art and images, but icons, backgrounds and textures.

If you're looking for design ideas, Wendy's Backgrounds and More has some nice backgrounds and graphics, with an emphasis on Victorian, holiday and Christian themes. is a huge collection of wav sound files. They have sound effects, clips of quotes from television and movies, clips from songs - you name it!


How do you make pictures move? Go get Gif Construction Set. It's Shareware so you can try before you buy!


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Web Information

What's that blue ribbon at the top of the page all about? Click on it. It will take you to a site about censorship on the web and what you should know if you care about keeping the Internet available. Or click here.

DSL Reports is a great informational site if you are looking for broadband options. They include reviews of various service providers by subscribers, and test to check your connection speed.

This is a great site for information about web design, ProjectCool. Tips on everything from ASP to XML!

If you're new to the web, here is some advice on how to conduct yourself, called Netiquette. Actually it's quite a lot of advice - you won't want to read it all at once. But it can keep you from being caught off guard by things like flaming, and e-mail hoaxes. It's kind of the Miss Manners' guide to the web.

Looking for information but can't find it through a search engine? Here's a helper - Ask Jeeves. You can type in a question in plain English, and it is pretty good at finding possible answers for you.

If a search engine is all you need, try one of these: Google, Yahoo, Lycos, or Alta Vista. There are lots more, too!

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Computer Information  

Jack Danniel's web page. Nope, I didn't misspell it, and it isn't what you might think! This page has some great tutorials and information on the workings of a PC and the Windows operating system. Great plain English explanations of things like FAT32 and the system registry.

This one is called, and it's another great place for answers to your computer questions. If there is a computer word or phrase you don't understand, look it up here!

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